New Year, New You!

Dealing with difficult people, whether in the workplace or in our personal lives, is something that most of us will face at some point. How it affects us and how we deal with it varies greatly. What works for one person may not necessarily have a positive result for another. One thing is certain: if we pretend the situation doesn’t exist, it will have a negative effect on our emotions, achievements, and behaviour.

When you start to explore how to deal with difficult people, three major questions will emerge:


  1. How do you respond to specific types of problematic behaviour?
  2. What impact does your own behaviour and attitudes have on others?
  3. How do you communicate effectively in a disciplinary conversation?

Dealing with difficult people is a challenge that can leave you floundering in a whirlpool of destructive thoughts. Trying to understand the cause of problematic behaviour is an important part of the process and one which will help you to deal with the situation and cope better as you strive for a solution.

We deliver constructive criticism to help people grow and improve but it is a conversation that some people really struggle with. Understanding why we need to have these conversations can help you to deal with any issues in a professional manner. That doesn’t stop the process from being something of a minefield.

       Develop a Plan                                                         Invest In Training

                                                                       Identify Problematic Behaviour

                                      Clarify and Understand                                                Communicate Effectively

   Invest in Coaching                                                           Don't Act When Angry


Getting It Right

At the International Coaching Academy, we have a fantastic one-day course that covers the potential difficulties that can arise when dealing with difficult people and challenging behaviours. This course shows you how to handle these situations in a way that helps everyone communicate effectively, resolve their issues and move on together.

New course starts in January. Book now.