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Are you ready to put yourself at the forefront of the teaching industry? The accelerated learning course delivered at the International Coaching Academy enables you to do just that. You will discover how to train your students in less time while simultaneously avoiding overload and achieving outstanding results.

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Delivered over 6 evenings at our Liverpool Academy, 1 Maryland Street, Liverpool, L1 9DE.

The accelerated Training courses propels you to the forefront of the teaching profession by helping you to apply and master the nine ‘C’s.

Cutting: Break through self-limiting beliefs using advanced communication techniques
Creating: Fashion an inspiring accelerated learning environment
Conceiving: Create a vision using the ‘Big Picture’
Cultivating: Bond using connections
Collaborating: Establish lasting relationships with team tasks
Conveying: Reveal knowledge in ‘The Lesson’
Concentrating: Demonstrate knowledge with ‘Show You How’
Changing: Embed knowledge with the ‘Review Concept’
Concluding: Nurture ongoing motivation with ‘The Close’