Lady Kay Baig

A business entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience, Kay Baig heads up ICA Manchester. Specialising in personal performance, business leadership and youth development coaching, Kay finds enjoyment in helping others to reach their full potential.

Business Name:
ICA Manchester

Manchester, North West England

Business Executive Coaching
Personal Performance
Youth Development
Business Startups
Problem Solving
Accelerated Learning


  • Health and Personal Life Trainer
  • Business and Leadership Manager
  • ICA Master Coach Certificate
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Accelerated Training
  • Personal Performance Coaching
  • Executive Leadership Coaching


A business entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience, Kay is a trainer, mentor and coach in the areas of business and management. She finds satisfaction from helping others to set up new business and develop new ventures. As a former Chair of the School of Governors and Chair of Curriculum Standards Committee, Kay understands the need for educational establishments and workplaces to adopt individual learning techniques such as accelerated learning and training.

Coaching Experience

The London 2012 Olympic Games was a turning point in Kay’s life. Returning home after a summer spent as a Team Leader Games Maker, she decided to embark on a new career which focused on helping people enjoy their lives. Having spent two years coaching people in the areas of health and lifestyle, Kay went on to achieve master coaching status with the International Coaching Academy. This certification led to the launch of ICA Manchester, the first facility of its kind in the city.

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