Accelerated Training

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.
– Martin Luther

Course Overview

Traditional teaching methods and practices are failing. Teachers are increasingly faced with problems such as de-motivated students and difficulties in keeping up with curriculum changes. Sound familiar?

The accelerated training course addresses these issues and teaches revolutionary techniques that, when applied correctly, can radically transform the dynamics of the classroom for the benefit of students, teachers and institutions.

Is Accelerated Training for You?

Are you a teacher who wishes to improve classroom results while providing a fun learning environment for your students? Perhaps you are a coach who is eager to learn new techniques and foster new ways of learning.

Whether a teacher in a high school or a trainer in a business organisation, the accelerated training course will kick-start your brain and help you rediscover your enthusiasm and passion for education and training.

All educators will benefit from this course. It will transform not only your life but also those of your students. The course teaches you the techniques required to impart more learning in less time and explains how to convert that learning into knowledge without overloading your students.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the Accelerated Training course, you will:

  • Be inspired to deliver engaging training and presentations
  • Be able to deliver effective training using Accelerated Learning techniques
  • Engage the senses and multiple intelligences to fully engage a group
  • Create a safe and nurturing environment to enable maximum knowledge absorption
  • Use ‘Show You Know’ techniques to gauge the effectiveness of your training

The Small Print

The accelerated training course can be undertaken as a standalone course or as one of four courses that lead to master coaching certification.

There are no official entry requirements for the accelerated learning workshops although you should attend with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

The course is typically delivered over six evening sessions on a rolling schedule at our coaching academy in Liverpool city centre. We offer a free taster session so you can make sure the course is right for you before making a commitment. Training can also be delivered on-site at your business premises.

Course Content

The accelerated learning courses propels you to the forefront of the teaching profession by helping you to apply and master the nine ‘C’s.

Cutting: Break through self-limiting beliefs using advanced communication techniques
Creating: Fashion an inspiring accelerated learning environment
Conceiving: Create a vision using the ‘Big Picture’
Cultivating: Bond using connections
Collaborating: Establish lasting relationships with team tasks
Conveying: Reveal knowledge in ‘The Lesson’
Concentrating: Demonstrate knowledge with ‘Show You How’
Changing: Embed knowledge with the ‘Review Concept’
Concluding: Nurture ongoing motivation with ‘The Close’

Course Dates

Our Accelerated Training course spans 6 evenings. Below you will find the schedule for our next available course. If you can’t attend one of the sessions, contact us as you may be able to catch up on the next course dates.

  • Week 1

    Monday 5th June, 5pm-9pm
    Tuesday 6th June, 5pm-9pm

  • Week 2

    Monday 12th June, 5pm-9pm
    Tuesday 13th June, 5pm-9pm

  • Week 3

    Monday 19th June, 5pm-9pm
    Tuesday 20th June, 5pm-9pm

Course Fees

Our Accelerated Training Course is priced at a very competitive rate of £500. Similar programmes delivered in other areas of the country cost up to £5000! We also offer flexible payment options. You can book onto our course in various ways. Book online by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button below. If you wish to spread your payments you can download our application form and return it to us via the email address on the form.

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