Personal Performance Coaching

It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed
Harvey S. Firestone

Course Overview

Do you sometimes feel inadequate when dealing with sensitive staffing issues? Are you unsure how to best motivate and encourage your staff? Maybe you simply want to make a positive impact on people’s lives?

The personal performance coaching course addresses these issues and desires. It should not be confused with therapy or counselling but rather as a way to help clients and staff take control of their individual situation in areas such as career, self-confidence and work-life balance.

Participants typically experience increased confidence when facing challenges, are more likely to achieve their goals and, ultimately, derive immense satisfaction from enabling others to find fulfilment and build a better career. It is of little wonder that this kind of coaching is high on the agenda of companies seeking to make the most of their best asset – their people.

Is Personal Performance Coaching For You?

The number of people training to become a personal performance coach is on the rise, both in the UK and around the world. While those undertaking the training include people from all walks of life, they tend to have one thing in common: the desire to become the best that they can be and, in turn, help others to do the same.

Past attendees have included:

  • Managers, directors and business owners seeking the skills required to motivate their staff and inspire respect and responsibility in the workplace.
  • People who already earn a living as a personal performance coach but wanted to refresh their current skillset.
  • Sports and health professionals who wanted to help their clients succeed in their chosen field.
  • People who sought to supplement their income by coaching alongside their day job, earn a promotion in a current role, or start a brand new career.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the Personal Performance Coaching course, you will:

  • Enjoy improved self-confidence and greater self-esteem thanks to the breaking down of self-limiting beliefs and the creation of a new self-concept.
  • Possess improved communication skills due to an understanding of the six disastrous listening habits and the ability to put your point across clearly.
  • Acknowledge different personality types and understand their associated coaching needs, both in and out of the workplace.
  • Recognise the power of the subconscious mind and the impact of body language and dress in the workplace.
  • Understand the fundamentals of psychology and how best to apply these to face-to-face and telephone coaching.

The Small Print

Personal Performance Coaching can be undertaken as a standalone course or as one of four courses that lead to master coaching certification.

There are no official entry requirements for the personal performance coaching course although you will need to possess the drive to make a difference, the willingness to put in the required effort and the perseverance to complete the course.

The course is typically delivered over six evening sessions on a rolling schedule at our coaching academy in Liverpool city centre. We offer a free taster session so you can make sure the course is right for you before making a commitment. Training can also be delivered on-site at your business premises.

Course Content

  • How to interact with others: deploy the six enablers of communication
  • 18 principles of coaching & leadership: how to master the art of leadership & coaching
  • How to foster trust through listening: create empathy with the 10 rules of the white magic
  • How to eliminate corrosive communication: avoid the habits of negative listening
  • How to satisfy the five essential needs: uncover the secrets of Maslow’s Five Levels
  • The GROW model – the indispensable coaching tool: harness the four stages of lasting change
  • The coaching contract: establish boundaries between coaching, mentoring & counselling
  • How to build relationships: develop rapport with the five deep subconscious needs
  • How to cultivate peak performance: employ the Skills Wheel: the 10 causes of success
  • How to get the best from others: unlock the four personality styles
  • How to foster a good work/life balance
: utilise the 12 spokes of the wheel of a balanced life
  • How to create a new self concept: free yourself from self limiting beliefs
  • How to build your self ideal: uncover the three measures of your authentic self
  • How to build your self image: program your ideal future
  • How to build your self esteem: unleash your shackles to growth with the eight steps

Course Dates

Our Personal Performance Coaching course spans six evenings. Below you will find the schedule for our next available course. If you can’t attend one of the sessions, contact us as you may be able to catch up on the next course dates.

  • Tuesday 24th July

  • Tuesday 31st July

  • Tuesday 7th August

  • Tuesday 14th August

  • Tuesday 21st August

  • Tuesday 4th September

Course Fees

Our Personal Performance Course is priced at a very competitive rate of £500. Similar programmes delivered in other areas of the country cost up to £5000! We also offer flexible payment options. Book online by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button below. If you wish to spread your payments, you can download our application form and return it to us via the email address on the form.

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