Our ‘INDISPENSABLE’ programme has been specifically created with one thing in mind… Getting the most out of each and every employee within a business.

In developing the programme, we listened to a lot of feedback from our past and existing clients to understand the struggles and issues that they face every day. We have incorporated solutions to as many of these problems as possible into our programme, resulting in 26 development areas that we feel will help you to truly harness your employees’ full potential.

We use a saying a lot here at the International Coaching Academy – ’85% of our problems in life talk back to us.’

By this, of course, we mean people. To clarify, 85% of our problems are caused by the people around us and that we experience in day to day life. Imagine being able to remove 85% of all the problems within your business simply by changing one thing… your people. This change doesn’t necessarily mean terminating your current staff.. more changing their attitudes, mind-sets and skill sets to suit your end goals.

Your people are the driving force of your business, so why wouldn’t you invest in them the same that you would in new technology or facilities?

By training your employees in important soft skills, you are showing them that you value them and want to help them improve. This will then spur them on to develop themselves as they will want to prove you right – they are worth it.

To further enhance our training we deliver all sessions using accelerated learning techniques. By engaging multiple senses and intelligences, we are able to provide sessions that will make a prolonged difference to your business. By using these accelerated learning techniques, learners can expect to achieve up to a 90% retention rate of knowledge and will still have the skills years later. They are the exact same techniques used by some of the biggest and most cutting edge institutions around the world. Because of these techniques, learners will also feel more engaged in the training and will become a part of the change and not just witness to it.

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